Culinaria Bistrot

Culinaria Bistro is going to serve the products of the network members (our small wine and food associated producers), family run and high quality farms in Tuscany who represent the excellence of our region.

The kitchen, the realm of the young chef and friend Ercole Fragale, Giulio Nencini and Adil Hilal, will offer dishes from the culinary traditions of the Mediterranean countries (Tuscany, North African, Spanish and Italian cuisine) prepared using raw materials almost exclusively homegrown.

  • tajines

  • cocotte

  • cous-cous

Get ready to taste our tajines, cocotte, cous-cous and other dishes coming from mediterranean countries tradition and culture. A part of the menu is always dedicated to our vegetarian guests


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"Ho bisogno di conoscere la storia di un alimento.
Devo sapere da dove viene.
Devo immaginarmi le mani che hanno coltivato,
lavorato e cotto ciò che mangio".

-Carlo Petrini-